upon the birth of existence, a creature was created: an angel, pure of heart and virtue, by the name of adonael.
he was an honorable thing, one made of peace and light. however, as did another light-bringer, the creature grew bored. following the war between god and lucifer, the creature known as adonael bore now a new name: aerikai.
in the 1940s, aerikai experiences the second of many genises: he descends to the realm of the earth, eager, interested, desire sparked by the workings of organized crime. there, upon the earth, he was known now as don luce fortunato, the lucky light bringer.

NAME: alfrid parrino.
AGE: now eternal , turned at 46.
HEIGHT: 6'9" / 205.74cm
IDENTITY: male, bisexual, cisgender
STATUS: once human , now demon
RANK: don and founder of the fortunato crime family
FAMILY: two sons , mauro and mariano. sister is allegra fortunato , nephew is orwin fortunato. semi - adoptive parent to nunzio fattore , adoptive parent to julien passarini/fortunato.
PORTRAYED BY: robert de niro in casino (1995).